Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

Kitchen and Bathroom Design
Ideas for Your Home Makeover Project

The best way to breathe new life into your home is by giving it a makeover. Two of the most lucrative renovations you can do are kitchen and bathroom renovations. Not only will these home improvements give your house a new lease on life, but they will also make your home look and feel more luxurious. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a place that’s not only cosy but also aesthetically appealing?

The whys of bathroom and kitchen improvements

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be time-consuming, not to mention costly. There’s no getting around it. But you have to do it if you want a home that’s not only conducive to living but also up-to-date and one that deserves to be featured in home and living magazines.

Aside from that, the way your bathroom and kitchen look, can either make people love or hate your home, regardless of whether or not you’re selling it. These rooms can either create or destroy interest, which means that having an outdated and unkempt kitchen and bathroom can put off any buyer easily.

Top bathroom design ideas

Bathrooms are a sanctuary and they should be designed as such, regardless of whether you have limited space or not.

Take a look at some of the top bathroom design ideas to get inspiration for your own home’s makeover.

Functionality is at a premium.

An important thing to keep in mind when discussing your home improvement project with bathroom renovators is functionality.

Keep smaller bathrooms clean and uncluttered. Since a full vanity may be difficult, if not impossible, you can opt for more storage instead. That way you can keep your essentials out of sight.

Go for recessed wall cabinets, open and wall-mounted shelving, wall baskets, over-the-door hangers, hooks and towel ladders to name a few. All of this will let you make the most of the available space you have.

Walk-in shower versus a bath.

If you have a spacious bathroom, a bath and a shower will make it look like a hotel’s en-suite bathroom. Not only will this make your bathroom more elegant, but give you the utmost comfort you deserve. Nowadays, more and more homes are adding colour to their bathrooms through tiles, toilets, basins and baths. Some of the most popular shades used are charcoal, dark green and soft plum.

The bolder, the better!

More and more homeowners are making a bold move by choosing richer, brighter colours for their bathroom renovations. A lot of today’s bathrooms are painted with dramatic colours that set the right mood. These include navy, blacks, greys, reds, oranges and greens.

Adding finishing touches.

Luxe-looking metals and matte finishes add a nice touch. Modern bathrooms with lavish designs have pops of bronze, gold, brass, and rose-gold fittings, from taps to cabinet handles.

Other bathroom renovators mix matte black hardware with white or coloured fixtures. Tiles have done away with pure white, too, as more homeowners are choosing to use tiles with colours or unique patterns.

For bathrooms with a spa-like feel, wood or timber benchtops, vanity cabinets, basins and other accessories are also popular, especially in Australia. Wall toilet suites tend to dominate market sales too. They look cleaner and are less likely to take up much space.

Top kitchen design ideas

Choosing a particular look for a kitchen can be just as challenging as designing an entire house, if not more. There are so many factors to consider. These include the following:

Colours to set the right mood.

Bright, bold colours have taken a step back this year as a lot of kitchens are using darker, muted tones that create a robust and sophisticated statement. Earthy and mineral tones with a strong emphasis on greys are the most favoured. This is because these hues work better with concrete and stone surfaces. But whites are still used for cabinetry, benchtops and more.

Cool, open spaces.

Many of today’s kitchens have open floor plans that allow shared family areas not only for dining but also lounging and even working. In other words, a lot of the kitchen and bathroom design ideas today are more versatile, more flexible. To achieve this in your kitchen, you can use a dining table that appears to be an extension of a benchtop.

Mixing and matching colours for cabinets and hardware.

Contrasting colours in the base and wall cabinets offer a delicious and appealing combo, which is a huge hit this year. You can go for colour combos like white and black, grey and navy blue and bleached wood and grey. These shades would look perfect with kitchen accessories in brass finishes, as well as matte black, rose gold and satin nickel. For kitchen hardware go for sliding cavity doors, hinged pantry doors and flush pulls to save space and create a seamless aesthetic in your cooking area.

Tile and backsplash for a pop of interest.

If you want to make your kitchen look more sophisticated use three-dimensional, mosaic or textured tiles for the counters and backsplashes. There are lots of designs or patterns to choose from like honeycomb, diamond and timber.

Matte black everywhere.

This powdery black colour has become such a trend that you’ll see many big and small appliances in this shade including fridges, ovens, dishwashers and more. Aside from giving these electronics a luxurious feel, it makes everything else more refined.

Final Verdict

Minimalistic and straightforward ideas are what’s definitely in these days. Go for colours, patterns, shapes and finishes that will not only create a neat, exquisite aesthetic in your home, but give you the comfy feel and look. If you need help choosing a design, check out our gallery of renovation images for inspiration and ideas.

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