Do’s & Dont’s of Bathroom Renovations

Dos and Dont’s Every
Homeowner Must Know

A bathroom renovation can be one of your best investments, but it can also be one of the most expensive if not planned well. It may be one of the smallest areas in your house, but there is a lot to consider before remodelling works begin. Avoid costly mistakes with the help of these tips from our team at CMD Bathroom Renovations.

Do consider the hidden costs when making your budget

To be on the safe side experts generally, advise including at least a twenty percent buffer for unexpected costs when budgeting for your bathroom renovation. Some homeowners focus too much on the end product and fail to consider other important aspects of their bathroom remodel project. For example, you might have to deal with outdated plumbing works or from a leak behind your walls. There is also the building works, which could involve demolition jobs, levelling floors, moving doorways, and disposing of waste. It pays to do your homework well so you can make a proper budget for your bathroom renovation.

Don’t get carried away

Know your limits. With all the beautiful taps and fixtures available, you can easily get carried away. Work within your budget and determine if a particular addition would really increase the value for value of your property. If you are planning to sell in the future, consider if you are going to get your money.

You should also think about whether or not your planned design is actually feasible. Experts can advise you more on this.

Do work with bathroom renovation experts

It can be tempting to go DIY, but most remodelling professionals will advise against it. One reason is it can void your insurance policy since most plans do not cover DIY work. Another reason is, if you have little to no experience, installing fixtures the wrong way can end up damaging the pipework. As a result, you could end up with repair costs that far outweigh the renovation budget or your savings.

Don’t forget to inform renovators of any special plans or specifications

If you require a taller shower head or want to adjust the height of the sink, make sure to let your contractors know beforehand or they will follow standard heights and you’d end up paying for modifications. In addition, some modern bathroom fixtures require special installation procedures. For example, recessed cisterns have to be installed before walls are sheeted and tiled. Telling builders what you want ahead of time, clearly communicating your needs can help them in planning how to proceed with your remodel.

Do comply with regulations

Buy products and follow building regulations that meet Australian standards. Make sure that fancy shower head you’ve been eyeing has the Australian Standard WaterMark. Traders are not allowed to install products that don’t carry the certification trademark. Moreover, any work done in your bathroom should abide by local building laws, so check the regulations in your area before making your plans. Finally, don’t forget you need to get waterproofing done. This is one aspect that most Australian homeowners overlook in their bathroom remodelling projects.

Don’t touch the pipework and walls as much as possible

This can significantly minimise costs. But do check and upgrade your old pipework if needed, especially if your house is fitted with galvanised steel lines (popular in the 1960s). These pipelines tend to leach lead and become rusty and flake off as they age. They can also affect water quality and pressure.

Do incorporate mirrors

A popular tip from bathroom renovation specialists is to include mirrors for several reasons. For one, it can give the illusion of more room, making a small area appear more spacious. For another, it can add to the natural lighting, especially when it is facing a window. This is because the incoming light is amplified when it is reflected by the mirror. A better illuminated and seemingly larger toilet and bath are more attractive to future buyers.

Don’t overlook finding an alternative bathroom to use while work is being done

If you don’t have a spare toilet and bath in your home, make arrangements before builders begin any work. Houses of neighbours and family are some alternatives. There is also our Ensuite in Tow service, which includes bringing a portable bathroom to your house. It is clean, hygienic, and comfortable, providing you the ultimate convenience. This way, you have fewer worries and can focus more on turning your toilet and bath into your property’s showpiece with the help of our professional renovation and plumbing services.

If you don’t have a spare toilet and bath in your home, make arrangements before builders begin any work. Houses of neighbours and family are some alternatives. There is also our Ensuite in Tow service, which includes bringing a portable bathroom to your house. It is clean, hygienic, and comfortable, providing you the ultimate convenience. This way, you have fewer worries and can focus more on turning your toilet and bath into your property’s showpiece with the help of our professional renovation and plumbing services.

With the right planning, your bathroom remodelling project can transform a small, damp, and dated space into a luxe, functional, and relaxing area that delivers the wow factor.

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Key Factors for Bathroom Renovation Success

8x Determining Factors for
Bathroom Renovation Success

A good bathroom remodel should combine aesthetic with functionality. The initial phases of the project tend to focus on layout, colour, and fixtures and fittings. All of these are important but you shouldn’t forget to think about the little things too. Why? Because they can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the overall design. If overlooked, you may have to redo them which may lead to additional expenses.

Here are some important details that you could make or break the success of your bathroom renovation project:


By moving warm air outside, proper ventilation is able to extend the life of your bathroom. It prevents moisture buildup on fixtures, paint, between tiles and around wallpaper. Additionally, it cools down the room after a hot shower making it more comfortable and helping to defog mirrors more quickly.


Its colour is actually a crucial design consideration and you don’t need to settle for plain old white either. To make patterns stand out, opt for contrasting hues that clearly define each piece. For marble motifs and similar styles, it is best to match the grout to the tile. You can test things out with the spare tiles to check if you have chosen the right one.


Both artificial and natural lighting are essential in every bathroom. Frosted or shaded windows can allow sunlight in for a bright feel. Installations, on the other hand, can highlight key areas such as the tub, shower or sink. It is also vital to have enough electrical outlets for charging electronics or plugging in hair dryers, curlers and the like. Be sure to position them away from the bath for safety purposes.


Whoever said that you should simply get the traditional silver floor drain was wrong. These days, you can take your pick from options like long grates in the shower or tile inserts cut to fit the drain. Plan this part in advance as the plumber and tiler both need to accommodate it when preparing your floor.


Real estate agents and builders would recommend two sinks per main bathroom, particularly in the guest and master baths. This allows multiple people to get ready at once. Members of your household can brush their teeth, shave their beard, apply makeup and more side-by-side.


Rather than have a shower door, most homeowners prefer the walk-in type these days. Discuss with your bathroom contractor about the fall of the floor and depth of the shower to avoid water from spilling out. This is especially important for open ensuites that are connected to carpeted bedrooms.


It’s not common for bathrooms to be massive so space is limited. A practical yet comfortable bathroom should have enough space for your needs. Counter space should allow you to set bottles, brushes, jewellery and combs. Recessed shelves behind mirrors should allow you easy access to toiletries. Deep closets should provide ample storage for cleaning supplies, towels and more.


Tiles rarely fit into a space perfectly so there will inevitably be those that need to be cut to fit. Think about where you want these pieces to go, be it near the ceiling or at the bottom of the walls. The last thing you want to deal with is halves ruining patterns.

Doing a bathroom remodel? Then be sure to pay attention to the above details. They can be the difference between a nightmare and a successful bathroom renovation.  At CMD Bathroom Renovations we are here to provide you with the help you need to complete your project with minimal hassle and at affordable prices.

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Renovating for Profit

6x Worthwhile Bathroom
Renovation Ideas According
to Real Estate Agents

Just like kitchens, bathrooms can make or break a deal. A modern and well-designed one can be the key to a sale. It’s for this reason that bathroom renovations are often the top priority for a home improvement project in Melbourne.

Toilets and bath tubs that need work tell a potential buyer that the plumbing might need an update too. This can trigger thoughts about future expenses and put them off. On the other hand, a new bathroom, even in an older building, can be seen as the benchmark for a property’s overall condition and add value to the premises.

Take note that not all remodelling projects have a positive effect on your sale. Here are some bathroom makeover ideas that will work according to expert real estate agents in Melbourne:

Bring Out the Bling with Hardware

Plumbing fixtures are to your bathroom the way accessories are to an outfit—they are the finishing touches. There are plenty of fixture brands worth checking out at your local home improvement supply store. However, it’s not the name you should be focusing on but the price and style.

Be Couple-Friendly with Pairs

The morning rush hour starts in the bathroom when people are jockeying for a spot at the sink. Brushing teeth, applying makeup, doing skincare, shaving—there are so many things to do! Make life easier for future buyers with double sinks, especially in the master bath. Don’t forget the matching pair of mirrors to match your bathroom renovations in Melbourne!

Think About Comfort with Classics

Certainly, it is suggested above that you should consider adding tech to the bathroom. However, you should be careful not to go overboard. It’s wiser to stick to what people are familiar with when it comes to toilets. Forgo electronic toilets with all the buttons as they may end up intimidating buyers. Rather, you will want to opt for the simple, modern white toilets most Australians know how to use.

Aim for Simplicity with White

Most buyers want a clean and updated look for the bath and you can achieve that with a simple white colour scheme. Subway tiles and white cabinets are great places to start. If you find that too boring, a neutral colour palette is also a good choice with light blue accents here and there. Should you want to add bold colours or anything non-traditional, you may leave that for the second or third bathrooms.

Have Something Big with the Baths

Lots of people are familiar with the phrase, “go big or go home”. It is a motto for many buyers when they’re looking at baths. Oversize tubs are frequently sought after along with walk-in showers. If you have space and budget to spare, consider getting a separate tub for an indeed updated look. Hand showers are a great addition too, and are pretty popular among pet owners and families with children.

Look Towards the Future with Tech

Smart homes may be everywhere in Melbourne these days, but gadgets are still not in the typical buyer’s make or break list. Then again, they do get excited about high-tech features such as built-in shower seats and bathroom audio systems. Digital showers wherein you can control temperature and water pressure via remote or LCD screen are rather impressive as well.

Bonus Tip: Get Expert Help

There are already several bathroom renovation tips above and here’s another one you should not overlook: booking a professional contractor. It’s true that it might save you money when you DIY. However, when you bring in a specialist to handle the bathroom makeover ideas you have in mind, you won’t have to worry if your skills are enough and if you’re doing things right.

So, if you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Melbourne, get in touch with us at CMD Bathroom Renovations. We will handle everything from start to finish and guarantee that we deliver only the highest quality work for your home. Feel free to visit us or give us a call to discuss what you have in mind, and we’ll provide you with a free quote with no obligations whatsoever. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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